Responsible Business

Corporate Responsibility

Being a part of the chemical industry, we at JCIL have been facing challenging circumstances over the past years socially, economically and environmentally. There is an increasing demand to develop sustainable production and more sustainable products which use less energy resources. We as a responsible company have realized these challenges already a long time ago and are continuously working towards improving environmental protection and enhancing resource conservation. We are also engaged in several charitable activities such as education, health and well-being of the common people to improve their quality of life. The challenge is to make our planet a better place, and we will keep no stone unturned to achieve our goals, come what may.

CSR Committee Members
  • Shri Jayendra H. Kharawala, Chairman
  • Shri Dakshesh M. Machhar, Member
  • Shri Greeven J. Kharawala, Member

 CSR Policy      CSR Projects - FY 2022-23